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How to Save Money on Scrapbooking Supplies

by Brian
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Sign up for mailing list coupons.

Hobby Lobby offers coupons through email. These are almost always 40% off coupons. Joann has a mailing list which will send the latest sales flyer to your house with any coupons that are in that as well as an extra coupon on the back. Again, these are usually 40% off one item excluding certain products. Michael’s seems to be lacking any sort of coupon list but they do put coupons in the newspaper. Joann will accept Michael’s and Hobby Lobby coupons on anything those stores also sell, like scrapbooking supplies. If you’re going to buy a big ticket item and it’s not on sale, make sure you have a coupon.

Check the sales flyers.

You should do this for 2 reasons – to see if items that you need will be on sale soon and also to double check for coupons. If they’ll soon be on sale see if it will save you more money than the coupon. If not, get it before it goes on sale.

Decide on a theme for your scrapbook before you buy pages.

When you browse through the papers and find yourself grabbing random ones just because they look nice, you often spend more than you need to. Figure out which project you will be working on and decide what kind of theme you want before you head to the store. Don’t grab fairy tale themed paper because it’s pretty when you’re working on a sports related book.

Take the main photo with you to choose paper colours.

If you’re building a page or book that is centred around some very specific photos then take one or more with you to the store. That way you won’t buy something only to find it doesn’t really work with the picture. This makes it easier to make certain the colours you’re choosing will go well with the colours in the photos, too.

Check out the clearance section of your favourite craft store first.

Often times older styles of pages can be found here, especially around the end of the year, as well as sticker packs and pens. See if something there will work for you before you spend the extra money on a new item. Sometimes you will even find whole scrapbooking sets with lots of paper and embellishments all in one pack.

Check out local dollar stores.

More and more dollar stores are carrying crafting supplies including scrapbooking items. You can often find excellent deals on rubber stamps as well as embellishments and stickers. Stamp pads can also be found but check to see if they’re acid-free.

Buy yourself an acid tester pen.

When you have one of these you can check acid content on items you have around the house to see what you can safely use. Have some pretty paper that a gift was wrapped in? See if you can use it in your scrapbook! If you can use items from your own life you will have a much more unique scrapbook and save money at the same time.

Look for acid free stickers in other sections of the store.

These are often much cheaper than those specifically for scrapbooking and you can find a whole range of them that you wouldn’t otherwise see in the scrapbooking section. They even make acid-free foam for kids crafts and sometimes this comes in sticker form.

Plan ahead for future projects and buy the paper when the store is having a big sale.

You refrained from buying that fairy tale paper but now you have an idea for a book with a fairy tale theme as well as a few others planned out. When the store has it’s big sale go ahead and stock up on the things you know you’ll want or need. This way you can take advantage of the sale but you’re not just buying randomly. You know you will definitely have a use for this paper and you’re getting it at a much better price than you might if you waited until you were ready to begin work on that particular book.

Save any scraps you have and trade them with friends and family that scrapbook or join a site like Swap-Bot and trade your old supplies that you no longer need for new ones.

You only needed half a page of that textured black paper? See if your friend has a use for it and has something to give you in return. This way you get new papers without spending anything and you don’t have any unneeded items taking up space in your supplies.