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Garden Uses for Old Kitchen Items

by Brian
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Many old kitchen items that are unused and taking up space in drawers and in the pantry can be recycled for use in the garden. Here are some recycling ideas to get the ball rolling and give old kitchen items new life in the garden, plus create more kitchen storage space.

Wooden Spoons And Spatulas

Old wooden spoons and rubber tipped spatulas that are stained, broken or just never used make excellent garden plant markers. When sowing tiny seeds in the vegetable garden or flower bed, it’s easy to forget what’s planted where. Write on the business end of the wooden spoon or spatula with a permanent marker, then insert the handle into the garden soil for easy identification of seed beds.

Frying Pan

That old frying pan that is never used because fried foods stick to it will make a perfect sized birdbath. Remove the frying pan handle if desired, then place the frying pan in a clump of ornamental grass or on a tree stump, put a little water in it and the birds will flock to it.

If the frying pan has a non-stick Telfon coating that is chipping and flaking, it’s not recommended to recycle it as a birdbath. The birds might eat some of the non-stick telfon flakes.

Small Containers

The small containers that yogurt, sour cream, margarine and so forth come are great to use to start garden seeds in. Wash the small containers thoroughly and add good quality potting soil, then plant vegetable and flower seeds in them to get a head start on the garden growing season. After the seeds sprout and the tiny plants have two sets of leaves on them, transplant into the garden if the soil is warm enough (above 65 degrees and all danger of frost has past) or transplant them into larger containers like recycled coffee cans until it’s safe to plant them into the garden soil. Add drainage holes in the bottom of containers before planting seeds.

If the summers are hot, these small containers can be filled with water and frozen, then the large-sized ice cubes can be placed in bird baths to keep the water cool or the ice can be placed on the garden soil near (but not on) garden plants to cool the soil and provide a slow water release as the ice melts that will saturate the soil and reach the garden plant roots.

Large Cooler with Wheels

Has the large ice cooler sprung a leak or developed a smell that prevents it’s original usage? Recycle it as a carry-all seat for the garden. Place the garden items needed for the task inside the cooler and roll it around to where it’s needed, then sit on it while performing garden chores.

Gardeners are recyclers by nature. Starting by recycling kitchen scraps into compost for rich garden soil and working our way upward with recycling ideas. Look around the kitchen for old spoons, frying pans, containers and what-nots and give them new life in the garden.